Welcome to
Tobius Ventures

We use first principles thinking to study patterns, give advice, design systems, and build products.

Advice As Advisors, we study goals, identify challenges, recommend alternatives, and weigh the pros and cons of things.

We give advice

For when you want expertise in your corner.

Architecture As Architects, we digest business requirements, organize user stories, and design new architecture plans to get you on the right path.

We design systems

For times when you know what you want, but not what you need.

Engineering As Engineers, we use use proven design principles to turn business ideas into reliable software applications.

We build products

For times when you want things that work right every time.

Inventions As Inventors, we imagine, prototype, build, and pilot brand new software applications, for fun and profit.

We invent things

For times when you want something so new it's not out there yet.

Management As Managers, we source, hire, place, and manage Hybrid Shore Engineering teams to supplement (or replace) technology departments.

We manage Developers

For times when you want to outsource more than just a little.

With hundreds of technologies and millions of lines of source code under our belt, a track record of bending the rules without breaking them, and an innate craving for solving problems, there's a better-than-good chance that we can help.

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